Given the deep and pressing inequities that exist in Minnesota, we need state legislators who have first-hand experience addressing our state’s inequities and the urgency to act on these issues. As a teacher, my students and their families deserve a champion not only in education, but also in transit, healthcare, affordable housing, jobs and all the other policies that impact upward mobility.

For my grandfather, who immigrated from El Salvador by himself in the 1950s, and my grandmother, who was raised in a large Mexican American family of migrant farmers, education was a powerful tool for upward mobility. The reality of Minnesota in 2018 is that we have many of the worst racial disparities in the entire country. It's unacceptable that these disparities have gotten worse, not better, over the past 40 years.

There’s one driving question motivating me to run: If my grandparents would have come to Minnesota in 2018, would their same success story be possible? If we’re honest with ourselves as a state, that answer is that their chances would be slimmer and their success would be harder to attain.

My second graders deserve a state representative who has first-hand experience closing these opportunity gaps and will be a fierce advocate for their futures. I want to be a state legislator that brings urgency, energy, and experience to the pressing issues facing our state.