Northeast Minneapolis

Northeast Minneapolis (Minnesota District 60A) has its own rich immigrant history. This neighborhood was the first home for generations of immigrant families; Ukrainian, Polish, Lebanese, French Canadian, and German immigrants called Northeast their new home during the 19th and 20th centuries. So many classic Northeast establishments come from the vision of immigrants: Kramarczuk’s, Holy Land, Crescent Moon, and Emily’s Lebanese Diner. 

In 2017 Minnesota is home to 400,000 immigrants and today one in six Minnesota children has a foreign born parent. The future of our state depends on ensuring that all Minnesotan's have equitable access to education, housing, and jobs, regardless of race, zip code, or immigration status. I want to ensure that the success stories of the past remain true for all future generations. 

The vibrancy of Northeast comes from our rich immigrant past, our present-day diversity, entrepreneurs, small business owners, brewers, artists, longtime Northeasters and first time home buyers. Such an exciting district deserves a representative who will champion and elevate the uniqueness of Northeast.  

The immigrant story in my family spans multiple generations and includes Mexican American, Salvadoran American, Irish and French Canadian grandparents and great grandparents.